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SD300 3D Printer

SD300 3D Printer

The SD300 3D Printer from Solidimension Ltd. is a desktop 3D printer that actually fits on your desk. The SD300 is an office friendly, network compatible peripheral that allows you to build your three-dimensional models directly from 3D CAD data, right at your workstation.

Early stage concept modeling and multiple design iterations are no longer cost prohibitive. The immediate feedback from colleagues and customers will help to improve design communication and ensure a smooth transition to development.
Streamline your design cycle by putting model creation in the hands of the creators, the designers themselves.

With Solidimension's unique SD300 3D Printer, it is now possible to produce more models, more often, on your own schedule and at a lower cost. With the SD300, early stage concept modeling and multiple design iterations are no longer cost prohibitive. The immediate feedback from colleagues and customers saves valuable time in the early identification of design issues, and ensures a smooth transition through the later stages of product development. The SD300 will significantly trim your design and development cycle by improving the communication throughout the process.

Click Here to download a PowerPoint presentation on the SD300 Printer.

SD300 3D Printer



  • Build material – Engineered plastic
  • Material color – amber transparent
  • Maximum model size – 160 W, 210 L, 135 H
  • Accuracy – 0.2 mm (x,y); 0.3 mm (z)
  • Input file formats – STL
  • Minimum wall thickness –1 mm

The Workflow

The SD300 3D Printer allows you to incorporate the model build process into your workflow with ease.


SDview Software Application

The SD300 3D Printer's robust front-end software, SDview®, is an intuitive, feature-rich, windows-like application that supports both STL and 3DS input files. SDview® enables the user to manipulate and edit the parts prior to build.

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SolidVC Material Kit

Each SolidVC Material Kit includes 7.5 Kg. of build material. The materials are balanced so that all materials are replenished simultaneously.


 1 X Roll SolVC-105
       PVC Sheet

 1 X Cartridge
       SolGL-101 Adhesive

 1 X Cartridge
       Release Agent

Shipping Information:
Dimensions – 300mm x 300mm x 220mm
Weight – 9 Kg.

* SolidVC Material Kit contents and packaging
   are subject to change.


SD300 Components and Parts

  • Top door
  • Side covers
  • Material compartment doors
  • Heating system
  • Operating panel
  • Feeder tray
  • Ironing unit
  • Work table
  • XY Plotter head
  • Cutting knife
  • Trim knife
  • Anti Glue pen station



  • On/Off Switch
  • Fuse
  • Power cable inlet
  • USB Connection
  • Ventilation openings
  • Anti Glue Cartridge
Data Sheets
General Specifications
  Technology   3D printing - plastic sheet lamination
  Build material   PVC
  Material color   Amber (transparent)
  Accuracy   +/- 0.2 mm (XY)
  Layer thickness   0.165 mm (Z)
  Maximum model size   170 x 220 x 145 mm (XYZ)
  Dimensions   W450 x D725 x H415 mm
  Weight without cartridge and roll   30 Kg
  Weight with cartridge and roll   40 Kg
  Power consumption   300 VAC, 47/63 Hz,
  100-120/200-240 VAC
SDview® Software
  Language   English
  Input File Formats Supported   STL, 3DS
  Output File Format   SDM (Proprietary)
  Platforms Supported   Windows 2000, XP
PC Minimum Requirements
  Processor   Pentium III, 500Mhz
  RAM   128MB
  HD   10MB
  Interface   USB

SolidVC® Material
Rigid polyvinyl chloride compound
Constructed of a plurality of rigid PVC sheets
Bonded with liquid adhesive
  Properties   Condition   Value
  Appearance     Transparent,
  Density, g/cm3   25°C   1.38
  Tension strength, MPa   ASTM D 638 25 °C   40 - 50
  Elongation at break, %   ASTM D 63825 °C   30 – 100
  Tensile modulus   MPaASTM D 638, 25 °C   1200 – 2000
  Heat deflection temperature, °C   ASTM D 648@ 264 psi   45 - 55
*Specifications are subject to change

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